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Hong Kong Express is a low-fare airline operating flights from Hong Kong to a number of Asian destinations. XM Digital has worked on various strategic initiatives for the airlines, including search engine marketing, search engine optimization, website redevelopment and creative/social strategy.

Hong Kong Express Airways Limited was incorporated on 10 March 2004, with the former Chinese name, 港聯航空有限公司, added on 21 April 2004.[1] The airline was owned by Macau casino entrepreneur Stanley Ho.[2] In July 2004, Hong Kong’s helicopter operator Heli Hong Kong officially announced plans to commence fixed-wing operation via Hong Kong Express, to become Hong Kong’s fourth passenger airline. It was planning to introduce regional jet services to secondary cities in mainland China and was in negotiations with Bombardier and Embraer for the lease of several 50- or 70-seat regional jets.[3] In April 2005, the airline was granted permission to transport passengers, cargo and mail from Hong Kong to selected destinations in China and permitted to apply for traffic rights to serve 15 Chinese cities.[4] The next month, it received approval to operate scheduled air services to five cities in China, including Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Ningbo.[5] The airline had its Air Operator’s Certificate varied in July 2005 for the operation of Embraer 170 aircraft.[6] The same month, it took delivery of its first of four 76-seat twin-jet Embraer 170, leased from General Electric Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS), and became the Asian launch operator of this regional jet. Two more aircraft were delivered in 2005, with the remaining delivered in May 2006.

On 26 June 2013, Hong Kong Express announced its intention to transform into a low-cost carrier (LCC), and renamed to “HK Express”, under the direction of the deputy CEO Andrew Cowen.[15] Hong Kong Express’ first flights as a LCC commenced October 27, 2013, to five destinations in Asia. The airline has since added routes to Tokyo, Penang, Osaka, Fukuoka, Seoul and Busan. There are plans for the airline’s fleet to increase by five Airbus A320 in 2014, taking the total number of aircraft to 11 within the year and with a longer term aim of having over 30 Airbus A320 by 2018

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